Cut-it-out, Altered pigment prints, 44"x114" ed. 1/1

An exploration spearheaded by Amundson & Gour's investigation into the historic application and use of vintage photographs. Over the last five years they have been concentrating on work that addresses topics ranging from domestic motifs to immigration and identity politics. For this body of work, they have created large scale digital 111cm x 290cm prints using hundreds of vintage photographs found in thrift stores and antique shops as well as personal snapshots which they have been collecting for the past 24 years. According to the artists, "These photographs metaphorically become historical evidence of our own lost identity. Social historian Judith Gutman expressed that 'photographs may be our most perfect cultural artifact.' We are interested in this notion of artifact / evidence not as a means of looking at the past but an expression of the present day." Seven of these pieces were created specifically for exhibition at CANDYLAND/rum för samtidig konstupplevelse, Stockholm, Sweden


Cut-It-Out Altered pigment prints, 44"x114" ed