Ghost-written (Reconfigured), 1-24 altered silkscreened pigment prints, 17"x21" framed, ed. 1/2

As in several of our projects, GHOST-WRITTEN is flexible in that it can be adapted to specific space. In this context, we used the corridor to address the issue of compression by utilizing the narrow space. The physical painted stripes and installation invites the viewer to confront the images in a different way by alluding to the history of salon style installation, display of family portraiture, and the nature of trophy photography.

In this body of work, the narratives in the photographs are embedded like any other hidden history; they reveal themselves through the interaction with the viewer. The fiction created within this dialogue completes the link of communication. The prints are selected from hundreds of vintage photographs we have collected over the past 26 years. Physically, the images are scanned, magnified, silkscreened with a translucent layer of a historic wallpaper pattern, and cut. These appropriated studio portraits act as metaphors for different situations, provoking questions in the viewer's mind. Whether it is two men engaged in fraternal camaraderie or a young boy in costume, each image conceals and reveals fragments of a story.