Subdivisions, pigment prints, 21.5"x43.5" framed ed. 1/3

Sub-divisions was created during an eight-month Fulbright investigation of the themes of domesticity, immigration, and national identity. The photographs are composed of Mexican landscapes with incomplete houses under construction called Obra Negras ("black works") contrasted with vintage appropriated images of the idealized American home. This body of work was fueled by their experience with immigration laws, which threatened their sense of home. The Federal Defense of Marriage Act bars same-sex couples from the right to sponsor an immigrant spouse for permanent residence. Most same-sex bi-national couples are forced to separate because the U.S. government views them as strangers under the law. Sub-divisions addresses the universality and fragility of their collective dream of having a home.

Obra Negra #8: Dream  

Obra Negra #7: Toilette  

Sub-divisions installation view  

Obra Negra #6: Golden Guarantee  


Sub-divisions installation view  


Obra Negra #5: Pull N' Clean Oven  

Sub-divisions Installation View  


Obra Negra #3: Garden Hose   

Obra Negra #2: Contemp. Declaration